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Cheese-eating VAT-payers | Paul Krugman NY Times (via The Intersection of Social Work, Education & Technology)


Cheese-eating VAT-payers | Paul Krugman NY Times

Paul Krugman is hilarious when he points out the strange debate in this country about taxes.

You really can’t parody American politics. Eric Cantor has rejected the idea of a value-added tax because it sounds European. And as you can see, those Europeans are a miserable lot. Read Paul Krugman here at the NY Times. … Read More

via The Intersection of Social Work, Education & Technology


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Clear Perspectives – Optimism

Clear Perspectives – Optimism.

via Clear Perspectives – Optimism.

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A Life Told on Facebook [VIDEO] (via Joseph A. DePinto, LCSW)

Ever scroll back through your Facebook profile, only to marvel at how much of your life can be recounted merely by looking at pictures and old wall postings? Check out the story here on Mashable. … Read More via Joseph A. DePinto, LCSW

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Laughing at Mental Illness (Dr. X’s Free Associations) (via Joseph A. DePinto, LCSW)

My colleague and friend Dr. X had an interesting take on a video that is circulating. I don't need to see it. He is spot on… again. Do yourself a favor and check out his blog. Recently a top ten blog featured a video of a delusional woman.  It was posted for laughs.  The video […]

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