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If you’re having Jersey Shore withdrawal


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Fox News pundit Glenn Beck ties Beatles’ song to a ‘Revolution’

This was the only picture I could find of Beck.  Full story here. Posted using ShareThis

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It is amazing to me that while the rest of the Seinfeld gang has been aging none too gracefully (see the past season of Curb Your Enthusiasm), Julia Louis-Dreyfus is getting hotter!

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Conan Puts The Tonight Show for Sale on Craigslist

Conan Puts The Tonight Show for Sale on Craigslist Posted using ShareThis

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Dolphins Definitely Don’t Watch FOX

They’re obviously more interested in working together rather than obstructing the group’s welfare.

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The Etiology Of Extreme Right Wing Nuts

You can’t look at this shit too long before the onset of brain damage.

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Sounds strange, doesn’t it?  I’ve been thinking about the state of our nation…. specifically the partisanship that is rampant in DC and throughout the nation.  There was a time immediately after the election where I was exhausted from the campaign but I was also elated at the prospects for the future.  When that moron shouted […]

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